WELCOME TO THE PLEASUREDOME is eight to twelfe people, depending on the job. Part of the line-up changes from time to time, and sometimes we've got some guests, dancers and other strange people on stage.

Meet our founding and core members here!

  Our current line-up:    

Dominik Kuhn   Dominik Kuhn a.k.a. Dodokay - vocals and percussion
    Vika - lead vocals
  Michael Strobel   Michael Strobel - vocals and guitar
  Wieland Braunschweiger   Wieland Braunschweiger - currently bass, formerly drums
    Dirk Wochner - keys
  Esther Kurze   Esther Kurze - vocals
    Andreea Sadri - Backing Vocals
  Ben Steiner   Ben Steiner - guitar
    Jo Baumann - drums
  Ralf Gottschald   Ralf Gottschald - percussion
    WELCOME TO THE PLEASUREDOME - our official photo 2013 - click it!
  Founding members and guests:    
  Esra Richter   Esra Richter - vocals
  Jaqueline Nemorin   Jacqueline Nemorin - vocals
  Frankie Chinasky   Frankie Chinasky - keyboards
  Ivano Abetini   Ivano Abetini - bass
  Oliver Wendt Jens Müller   Oliver Wendt & Jens Müller - sax & trumpet
  WELCOME TO THE PLEASUREDOME   WELCOME TO THE PLEASUREDOME - our official photo 2007 - click it!