Correct answers to the most important questions. A.K.A. "FAQ" in web language.
  When will WELCOME TO THE PLEASUREDOME finally be back on stage?

As we are a German (yes!) band, we will mostly be playing in Germany, but that's also subject to change.

A band of 8-12 people, performing pop hits from the Eighties. With a lot of shebang, whereever possible.
  What kind of music do you guys play?

Solely pop from the Eighties, And it's that kind of pop that few bands play. Stuff by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Depeche Mode, Tears For Fears, Dead Or Alive, Grace Jones, Billy Idol, Rick Astley, Paul Hardcastle, Cameo, Captain Sensible and many more. You can listen to some of the songs HERE. And also watch live videos.
  Why don't you play Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Chaka Khan or Kool & The Gang?

Because that's what the others do.
  Why don't the other bands play what you play?

Because playing that kind of pop in an authentic way is only possible with a lot of hard work and a big technical production. Not many musicians like that - we do.

Do you play the songs true to the originals?

Mostly yes, because that's what we like. Ever heard Madonna play live on her "Blond Ambition" tour? That's what we try to sound like. Not a plastic remix show. Sometimes we do pimp the stuff a little, but never in a way to offend the original. There will never be a jazz version of PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE in our programme. Promise.

  Where do I get the latest news on you guys?

You can subscribe to our e-mail newsletter at our CONTACT page. Or simply keep an eye on our Facebook Page. It's also possible without being a Facebook member.
  You guys have a guest book?

No, because that's even more retro than the music we're playing ... In that matter we'd also like to refer you to our Facebook Page. You have to be a member though to comment on the stuff there.
  What about this Dodokay guy?

Forget it. As you're reading the English section of this web site, chances are that you have never heard of him. But he is quite popular as a comedian in Germany, and there's even one English version of his biggest YouTube hit to date. Click HERE to watch.
  Are you guys pop grandparents?

Part of us are, but part of us haven't even been born when the music we're playing was hip.
  Is there a CD or a DVD of you guys?

Maybe some day. But to accomplish that we have to solve some legal issues in connections with some few original samples we use in a few songs. We can use them live, but not on discs etc. And to make a DVD, we need to negotiate very expensive publishing rights with all the original artists, which at the moment is beyond our budget. Whatever there is to see and hear from us can be found in the MEDIA department.
  Anything else I need to know?

Yes. You should get out more.